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CRN: The Missing Piece before China Becomes the Top Trading Country

China Review News (CRN) recently published a commentary on China’s import and export structure. In 2013, the value of China’s total imports and exports reached $4.16 trillion. It is becoming a sure thing that China’s physical goods trade volume will surpass the United States. However, the commentary expressed the belief that China is still far behind the U.S. in terms of trade services. The commentator suggested that the focus of global economic competition has shifted to trade services. China has to become a strong service provider in order to achieve its goals. Based on official statistics, the Chinese trade volume for services was $520 billion in 2013, which translates into an eleven percent increase over the previous year. However, compared to the leading countries, China’s trade volume for services was small and, in general, suffered from low quality. The author found that the global services market is getting deeper and deeper into knowledge, technology, and capital investments. Meanwhile the key fields China is currently playing in are still transportation and tourism. The commentary concluded that, unless China adjusts its services export structure, it will ultimately suffer an overall trade decline.
Source: China Review News, February 14, 2014