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China Review News: The U.S. Low-Key Handling of Chen’s Case Shows that U.S. Power Is Weakening

On May 8, 2012, China Review News published an editorial article that commented that the U.S. government’s cautious, low-key handling of the Chen Guangcheng case was a sign that U.S. national power is weakening as China’s national power is increasing.

“Marked by the U.S. handling of the Chen Guangcheng case, human rights issues will have little impact on Sino-US relations. Compared to the most tangible national interests, the ideological importance is, after all, of secondary consideration. While American public opinion is still very emotional on such issues, the U.S. government, as the ‘legal representative’ of the country, is much more rational and pragmatic for the sake of its national interests.”

Source: China Review News, May 8, 2012