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Party’s Media Urges Locke to Disclose His Personal Assets

Beijing Daily’s official microblogging (Weibo) re-posted a blog by “Woodbell 魏志奇” about U.S. Ambassador Locke. The blog said, “Locke lives in the official U.S. Ambassador’s residence that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. He travels in a bullet proof limousine. The the U.S. taxpayers pay his family’s expenses, including maids. How can such luxury be considered a simple life? Ambassador Locke, why haven’t you disclosed these [facts]? Disclosing only coffee [Locke attempted to buy coffee with a coupon at the airport on his way to Beijing] and economy class [Locke used economy class when he travelled to China with his family and travels inside China using economy class] is done only for show! It is futile to package Locke as a commoner.” Beijing Daily added its comment, “Locke, please disclose your assets.”

Chinese netizens found out that Locke’s assets were already available on the Internet. They then urged Beijing Daily to issue a commentary asking Chinese officials to disclose their personal assets.

Source: China Review News, May 15, 2012