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Major General: China Should Always Be Alert to the Nuclear Threat from the U.S.

People’s Daily published a report about the recent announcement that the United States made about upgrading its tactical nuclear weapons. The report stated that the U.S. military has placed its advanced weapons in the Asian Pacific region, one after the other, in an attempt to make the Western Pacific a major war zone.

The report quoted Chinese Major General Yin Zhuo’s comment on the matter. Yin said, “The U.S. has always been keeping its absolute leading position in the application of nuclear weapons. … To the U.S., a nuclear war is not an improbable choice. Rather, it’s a possible choice. Therefore, we should not have any illusion about [the U.S. initiating a nuclear war]. We must have a completely safe plan in place.” Yin also said, “The nuclear threat of the U.S. to China has always been there. Of course, the strategic environment has changed greatly; the exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in politics and the economy have increased. Even so, when we deal with the U.S., we must keep in mind and be very clear that some of the U.S. nuclear weapons are targeting us.”

Source: People’s Daily, May 15, 2012