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Hurun and the Chinese HNWI Issued 2014 Emigration White Paper

The Hurun Report and the immigration agency’s Visas Consulting Group recently released the Chinese High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) White Paper. According to the 2014 white paper, in 2013, 9.3 million Chinese emigrated, making China the fourth ranking country in the world next to India, Mexico, and Russia. The U.S. and Canada were their top choices for emigration. According to the white paper, the top three reasons for emigrating overseas were to provide a better education for their children, environmental pollution, and food safety. Other reasons included social warfare, medical care, and the safety of personal assets. Among the families interviewed by Hurun, the average preferred amount to spend on investment immigration is 5 million (US$830,000).

Source: China Economy, June 7, 2014