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Central Bank: Q2 Employment Expectations Hit Three-Year Low

China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China, recently released a report that showed the results of a survey on customer expectations on employment. According to the report, 12.5 percent of the Chinese residents responding to the survey held an optimistic view of the current job market. 43.8 percent of the sampled population either felt uncertain or found the current employment situation to be “very challenging.” This is the lowest number since the second quarter of 2011. 63 percent of the people surveyed agreed that the current prices for housing are still too high, while 34.2 percent thought they were “acceptable.” The survey also covered bankers, 72 percent of whom said the current currency policies are “appropriate.” Entrepreneurs sampled by the survey mostly (62.2 percent) suggested the economy is performing “normally.” However 36.1 percent of them thought the economy was “cooling down.” The Bank’s Entrepreneur Confidence Index dropped 2.1 percent from the first quarter of this year. 
Source: Sina Finance, June 25, 2014