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China’s Junk Bond Crisis Is Looming

On July 22, the Chinese media reported that, with the frequent defaults on debt in China, 2014 is becoming the year of defaults for the Chinese financial market. 

It has been 26 months since June 2012, when the Chinese version of junk bonds (bonds issued by mid and small businesses) were first introduced in the capital market. With a typical two year maturity, 46 junk bonds, with a total value of 4.143 billion yuan (US$670 million) and an average yield of 8.79 percent, are about to reach maturity. 
In April of this year, "13 Zhong Sen" was about to default on 180 million yuan (US$29.05 million) of its interest payments when its guarantor stepped in to commit to making the payments. When it was unable to make payments on its bonds, Zhejiang Huatesi Polymer Technical Co Ltd., the issuer of “12 Huatesi” went bankrupt. The court ordered it to restructure. 
In July, “12 Kim Tae” failed to meet its July 10 obligation to make its principal and interest payments. The issuer of another junk bond “12 Jin BBDO,” with a nne percent yield, is expected to default on the payments of principal and interest due on July 28. Its State-owned guarantor, Tianjin Hi-tech Investment Management Co., Ltd., is in the middle of its own crisis. In 2013, it had issued a guarantee for a total of 7.592 billion yuan (US$1.23 billion), which was 13 times the amount of its security deposits at the bank. 
Source:, July 22, 2014