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U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke’s Announcement of Assets Leads to Heated Discussions in China

On May 14, Beijing Daily’s official blog published a commentary that criticized U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke for acting like a common man. Locke sits in an economy class seat when he takes a flight and buys coffee with a coupon. Such acts, according to the Chinese authorities, "create conflict." The commentary demanded that Locke publicize his personal assets. Within three days, the U.S. Embassy posted all of Locke’s assets including his annual salary and benefits, along with the assets of President Obama and Vice President Biden.  

The announcement has caused heated discussions in China. Many Chinese Internet users asked Beijing Daily to make the same demand of Chinese Communist Party officials. However, Beijing Daily’s official blog has since deleted all related topics and comments.

Source: NTDTV, May 19, 2012