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Xinhua: Chinese State Council Released 2011 U.S. Human Rights Records

On May 25, Xinhua reported that the State Council Information Office had just released a report called "The 2011 U.S. Human Rights Records." This report was in response to the U.S. State Department’s 2011 World Human Rights Report released one day earlier. The Chinese “Records” report accused the U.S. report of distorting the actual human rights situation in China. It suggested that the handling of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement proved that the authorities in the U.S. heavily violate (its citizens’) freedom to demonstrate and their freedom of speech. It further claimed that the United States government applies strong control and filtering of news media as well as the Internet. The “Records” also stated that U.S. citizens suffer from a high crime rate due to poor gun control and they also suffer a high unemployment rate coupled with poor unemployment benefits. The “Records” suggested that the U.S has violated the sovereignty of many other countries and the human rights in those countries. It concluded that the U.S. does not “qualify” to be the “world judge” and should stop using a double standard.  

Source: Xinhua, May 25