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China’s Energy Strategy from 2014 to 2020

On November 19, the State Council released the Energy Development Strategy Action Plan (2014-2020). In an effort to restructure China’s energy consumption and production, it has adopted a four-point approach.

The first is to reduce consumption. The plan includes placing a ceiling on the annual energy consumption at 4.8 billion metric tons of the standard coal equivalent until 2020. The second is to be self-sufficient. By 2020, the domestic production of energy will reach 4.2 billion metric tons of the standard coal equivalent. Energy self-sufficiency will be around 85 percent. The third is to go green. By 2020, the share of non-fossil fuels in the total primary energy mix will rise to 15 percent. The share of natural gas will be above 10 percent and that of coal will be reduced to under 62 percent. The fourth is to adopt an innovation-driven strategy. The goal is, by 2020, to build an open, competitive and orderly energy market system. 

Source: Xinhua, November 19, 2014