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Xinhua: China has the Largest Number of Students Studying Abroad

Xinhua reported that from 1978 to 2013, a total of 3.06 million Chinese students studied overseas. The United Nations has ranked China as No. 1 in the world for students studying abroad. 

According to Xinhua, at the beginning of the open door policy, most Chinese students went to the United States, Japan and other developed countries. Now they are in over 100 countries. More Chinese students who have finished their studies have returned to China. In 2013, the total of such returning students reached 350,000, 30 times the number from the beginning of this century. 
China now has over 360,000 foreigners studying at over 700 universities and colleges in China. These foreign students are from more than 200 countries, compared to three countries in the 1950s. 
Source: Xinhua, December 13, 2014