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Xinhua: China Is Becoming or Has Become the World’s Largest Garbage Dump

On January 6, 2015, Xinhua reported that China is becoming or has already become the world’s largest “garbage dump.” The article stated, “This is not exaggerated to scare people.” According to "Shanghai Securities News" (, China imported 125 times more plastic waste, 50 times more metal waste and 21 times more paper waste in 2003 than in 1990. Chinese buyers bought this waste for more than twice the price that other countries wanted to offer. After having been recycled, re-processed or re-furbished, it was then returned to the market.

Some experts have said, “The land and water polluted by garbage cannot be restored for 100 years." The article particularly mentioned plastic waste from the United States, medical waste from Britain, chemical waste from South Korea, household waste from Germany, and abandoned agricultural film from Japan.

Source: Xinhua, January 6, 2015