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Chinese Major General: We Will Treat the U.S and Japan the Same Way They Treat Us

International Herald Leader published an article about a report that the China Strategy Culture Promotion Association released on U.S. and Japanese military power in 2011. According to the article, China has been on the defensive since the theory of the “China Threat” spread in the international community. “Although the Chinese side believes that these arguments are not worth refuting, objectively speaking, they have had a minor negative impact on China’s image.” The article considers the release of the report to be an effort to strike back. It quoted Luo Yuan, a retired major general and Deputy Executive Director of the association, as saying, “We will treat them (the U.S. and Japan) the same way they treat us.” 

The article said, “Luo Yuan is viewed as a Hawk in the Chinese military. The international mainstream media often quote his tough talk. His views have considerable influence on international public opinion.” Luo expressed a concern that the report may be misunderstood and viewed as being the Chinese military’s view or as a deliberate undertaking of the Chinese military.

Source: International Herald Leader, June 11, 2012