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CASS: Real Estate Purchasing Limits May Be Phased Out

China News reported that the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) recently released a research report on the Chinese real estate market. The CASS Report found that an across-the-board decline was the dominant theme of the 2014 Chinese real estate market. “Continued adjustments” are expected to be the primary market trend for 2015. The current Chinese housing market suffers the problem of high inventory; at the same time demand remains low. A total of 46 city governments established policies that limit real estate purchases. As of now, only five of them still have these policies in place. The CASS Report expressed the expectation that all cities will drop these limitations within this year. More and more government administrative operations will be done via the market instead of direct government policies. In the new year, most of the real estate companies are planning to focus on reducing their inventory.
Source: China News, January 12, 2015