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Qiushi: China Must Safeguard the State-Owned Economic Dominance

Qiushi published an article on January 23 that emphasized the importance of the dominance of the State-owned economy. 

The article stated that, in China’s socialist economy, the State-owned economy takes the leading role. Without the State economy, it would be impossible to adhere to socialism with Chinese characteristics. State ownership and all of the people achieving prosperity are inseparable. The fundamental difference between the socialist market economy and the capitalist market economy is that China’s economic system is dominated by State ownership. To adhere to socialism is to maintain the economic system which is dominated by State ownership and supplemented by other types of ownership. 
To support its position, the article cited language from a politburo meeting on August 19, 2014, stating that State-owned enterprises dominate major industries and key areas of national security and are an important pillar of the national economy. 
Source: Qiushi, January 23, 2014