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Xi Jinping: If a Great Famine Occurs, Money Will Be Useless.

On February 1, 2015, China Gate published two articles on the No. 1 Official Document of 2015, which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee had released. The first article included the original content of the document with the title, “The Release of the CCP Central Committee No.1 Official Document of 2015; One Picture (the Table of Contents) Tells You All.” The second article was an analytical article about the message included in the No. 1 Document. It had the title “Zhongnanhai (the headquarters of the CCP) Is Hiding a Big Problem behind the CCP No.1 Document.” The No.1 Document focused on China’s agriculture issues. Some Chinese scholars told the media that, “Something must be wrong with China’s grain reserves. The CCP Central Committee just does not want to admit it openly. They are hiding the problem.” Actually, Xi Jinping openly expressed his worries about food safety on multiple occasions back in 2013: “If a Great Famine Occurs, Money Will Be Useless.”

Rice, wheat, and corn have been China’s staple food. This year, potatoes will be included as the fourth-largest staple food in China. According to a Chinese scholar, either industry has used up China’s surface water or it is severely polluted. Groundwater is also very limited now. Potato’s production is relatively high and can sustain drought. Using potatoes as a staple food will help to alleviate the food crisis." The article concluded, “Almost all of the downfalls of the dynasties in China’s history started with a Great Famine.”

Source: China Gate, February 1, 2015