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Overweight and Obesity in China

Southern Weekend reported that being overweight and obese has become a serious health issue for both adults and children in China. 

In 2010, using the body mass index standards, 32.1 percent of adults and 39.8 percent of the elderly were overweight. That represented an increase from 2005 of 3 and 4.2 percentage points respectively. Currently, there are about 300 million adults who are overweight and 46 million adults who suffer from obesity. 
As for young people, 12 percent of children are overweight. According to a joint survey issued by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and North Carolina University, 1.9 percent of children between 12 and 18 have diabetes. That figure is 4 times the number for U.S. youngsters. Another 27.7 million have pre-diabetes. 
Source: Southern Weekend, March 10, 2015