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Xinhua: Over 90.1 percent of the Cities Failed Air Quality Inspection

According to an article in Xinhua, one year ago at the beginning of 2014, air pollution and the measures to improve air quality were included in close to 90 percent of the government reports at the provincial level. At that time, 15 provinces signed an agreement to fix their air and smog issues. However, according to the article, a year later, in the “2014 National Economic and Social Development Report“ that the Ministry of Statistics published, out of 161 cities that were inspected for air quality, only 9.9 percent passed; 90.1 percent failed; and only a small fraction of the cities submitted explanations. It stated that the reason for the poor results was due to ownership at the local level and a lack of attention to this issue.

Source: Xinhua, March 15, 2015