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Huanqiu Commentary: We Should Fight the U.S. with Wisdom

Huanqiu published a commentary in response to the remarks that U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta made at the Shangri-la Dialogue.

The Huanqiu commentary stated, “China will be at disadvantage in dealing with the United States for many years into the future. China’s ability to form alliances with others will also be greatly inferior to that of the U.S.” “There is no need for China to butt heads with the U.S. In other words, to do so is the worst strategy. The best way is for China to act in such a way that U.S. military deployment becomes useless and to lead Sino-U.S. game playing in a direction that is favorable to the growth of China’s power.” The commentary stated that the direction of Sino-U.S. economic cooperation is “for our interests to be increasingly intertwined,” which appears to favor the weaker party. “We should not fight the U.S. with our forces, but with our wisdom, with an open mind and with persistence.”

Source: Huanqiu, June 4, 2012