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People’s Daily: Washington Should Restrain Its Impulse to Preach about Democracy

China’s state-run media hit back at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the comments she made calling for greater democracy in Asia. The official People’s Daily ran an editorial, “Washington Should Restrain Its Impulse to Preach about Democracy.” The editorial stated:

“Who gave the Americans the position to comment on democracy in Asia in such an arrogant manner? Americans may not want to dwell on this issue and may even think that this is a question that should not be asked. It is precisely the illusion on this issue that may lead to the failure of the U.S. strategy of ‘returning to Asia.’”

“Some of the U.S.’s recent practices were apparently designed to prove the legitimacy of its dominant position in Asia. Engaging in military exercises and increasing its troops stationed in the region were to shape its role as security provider; holding the banner of ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ was to maintain its so-called moral leadership.”

“However, the more the U.S. cannot wait to do this, the more it can be seen that the U.S. is worried about losing something in Asia. There are two issues that caused Washington not to understand the reason why the U.S. feels it has alienated Asia and needs to ‘return’: on the one hand, in a relative sense, the U.S. has reduced its investment in this region; on the other hand, the region’s political and economic structure has undergone significant changes, so the position of the U.S. will be different.”

“If the U.S. moves against the general trend of cooperation in Asia, if it always shows up acting the role of preacher, if it always condescends to find fault with democracy in Asia and even wants to form a ‘team’ to contain the development of China, it will ultimately become marginalized.”

Source: People’s Daily, July 12, 2012