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IHL: China Should Take a Tough Stance to Make up for Its Military Disadvantage

The International Herald Leader published an article advocating that China be aggressive to make up for its weak military position. The article stated that it is wrong for a weak party to avoid confrontation with a strong opponent. “Patience in the face of a powerful and strong-willed combative opponent is useless because the party that wants to avoid resolving the problem by force cannot prevent a war …” The appeasement policy may also encourage the opponent to take a tougher stance and resort to military action. If China were to wait for the time when it is stronger than the U. S. before taking action in the South China Sea, China would be tying its own hands and feet. “China should demonstrate sufficient resolve to confront the U.S. intimidation tactics, such as visits by U.S. warships to sensitive countries and bilateral and multilateral joint military exercises. It should not retreat when both parties are merely exchanging words in the conflict.” The article concluded with a quote from a military strategist, “If your sword is shorter, you should take a step forward.”

Source: International Herald Leader, July 12, 2012