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China Launching Another Round of Media Control

The Communist Politburo has issued a directive mandating further control of media as a preemptive strike against potential social unrest in 2009. A Politburo directive cited information from the State Security Department and from military intelligence sources indicating China will face severe challenges and crises because “anti-china forces, domestic and overseas are actively strategizing their activities.”  As a result, the Politburo has increased funding for the Communist Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Public Security.

At a meeting towards the end of November, the Party’s Propaganda Department decided to initiate a preemptive strike in anticipation of increasing social unrest in 2009.  It has blacklisted 6 print media and all websites except  In addition, 55 media professionals have also also blacklisted.  “You should know that this is China.  The Internet has a border.  It is not a place where you can exercise your free will.  The Internet must be under the control of the Party.  It is the Party’s Internet as well as the mouthpiece of the Party,” said Mr. Chen of the Propaganda Department. 

Source:, December 4, 2008