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Age Alteration û a Common Practice Among Soccer Players

A recent scandal revealed that the “Chinese Football (Soccer) Association” changed a soccer player’s age to be two years younger. Yao Xiao came from Sichuan. The news was quite an embarrassment to the soccer fans from Sichuan since Yao was regarded as a real proud of those fans because he was claimed to be the youngest player in Chinese soccer history.

In an interview with a senior soccer coach from Liaoning, the reporter found out that the age alteration has been a hidden rule that was commonly practiced in soccer area and is no longer a secret. The practice was driven by the pursuit of winning through a team composed of an older age group because the reward and recognition to the coaches and team management are closely tied to their performance. The age alteration is not only a common practice among soccer players, the article wrote, it is also practiced among basketball players, track teams or even the soccer referees.

Source: Commercial Times, Liaoning Province, December 7, 2008