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Chinese Academy of Sciences Establishes China’s Bio-Resource Strategy

Xinhua reported that on June 10 the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced China’s bio-resource technology development road map to 2050. The road map outlined six strategic paths to transform China from a bio-resource large country to a bio-resource and bio-economy super power.

1. Photosynthesis mechanism research and bio-plants’ light power utilization improvement, to achieve large scale application and commercialization of renewable bio-energy
2. Bio-energy research and energy plant production base establishment, to achieve large scale commercial application of bio-energy, reducing oil imports by 30%
3. Development and utilization of micro-organisms and related industry chains
4. Sustainable development and usage of strategic bio-resources
5. Gene sequence and gene resources research
6. Bionic material and technology research.

Source: Xinhua, June 6, 2009