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Only 130 Organ Donations From Deceased Citizens in the Past 6 Years

Chen Zhonghua, assistant director of the Chinese Society of Organ Transplantation recently disclosed that China has 1.5 million liver and kidney patients waiting for organ transplants every year; however, there were only 130 deceased citizens who donated organs from 2003 to May of 2009.

Chen said China conducts 11,000 organ transplantation surgeries every year, out of which less than 30 of those are donations from deceased Chinese citizens. He said organ donation in the US for the first half of the year has already reached 2,304.  There is a need to increase the organ donation volumes in China.

The China Organ Donation and Transplantation Cooperation Project plans to have a conference in Shanghai in September to discuss building an organ donation system, setting up testing units, regulating and increasing live organ transplants, and other related issues.

Source: China News, August, 23, 2009