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Xinhua Report on Chinese Media’s Growth and Development in the Past 60 years

Xinhua published a report on October 8, 2009 summarizing the growth of the Chinese media:


Newspapers  253 print editions with a total circulation of about 2.5 million copies 2000 print editions with a total circulation of over 200 million copies
Radio and
65 People’s Radio Stations with 65 domestic broadcasting  programs Over 2000 radio and television stations with 2436 radio programs and 3199 TV programs, respectively covering 95.96% and 96.95% of China’s total population
 Internet  N/A 338 million Internet users
155 million people surfing the Internet through mobile phones

The greater impact of the media is on people’s spirits. Professor Hu Zhifeng from Communication University of China said, “Media affect people’s perception of society, disseminate ideas on values, intervene in setting social and psychological trends and regulate social relations.”

Source: Xinhua, October 8, 2009