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Stability Preserving Office to Intensify Internet News Control

In a recent Internet News Media Training Class held by the State Council Information Office (SCIO), Deputy Director Xia Chenghua of the Stability Preservation Office under the CCP’s Central Committee gave a speech on the Current Status of Preserving Stability and the Requirement for Internet Propaganda. 

Xia listed the categories of unrest that are the main challenges to stability: corporate restructuring, housing demolition and resettlement, rural land acquisition, veterans affairs, abnormal petitions, and criminal activities. The CCP’s Central Committee order: “Treat the veterans nicely to prevent them from being used by enemy forces.” Xia vowed to send “abnormal petitioners” to labor camps and severely punish core members. 
Xia asked to step up Internet news control, viewing the widespread Internet usage as a challenge. Zhai Huisheng, the Party secretary of the All China Journalists’ Association, demanded that the Internet media "adhere to the Party principles." Vice Chief of SCIO’s Internet Bureau, Peng Bo, told commercial websites to "unify their thoughts and emphasize their politics."
Source: Radio France International, December 10, 2009