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Party Publication Highlights Internet Control

In an article published on Qiushi, the flagship publication of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, Wang Cheng, Director of the State Council Information Office and deputy chief of the CCCCP’s Department of Propaganda, wrote about “deepened understanding of the importance and urgency of developing Internet culture with Chinese characteristics.”
Wang emphasizes the guiding ideology on the Internet as being Marxism and socialism. The development of Internet culture will “strengthen China’s cultural soft power and create a good international public opinion environment” for the regime. The article also said that “efforts to develop an Internet culture with Chinese characteristics are urgently needed for safeguarding social stability and national cultural information security. At present, China is in a period of prominent social conflicts. Amplified by the Internet, aided by the infiltration and sabotage of forces that do not want to see a stronger China, individual biased remarks are easily expanded to irrational social sentiment, … turning general issues into political issues, affecting social harmony and stability, and endangering national security.”
Source: Qiushi Journal, June 17, 2010