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Xinhua: Hainan is not the Largest Source of Internet Attacks

Xinhua recently published a report suggesting that China is becoming the victim of U.S. fictitious claims about evil sources of Internet attacks. The U.S. organization Medius Research published a report earlier on Chinese Internet spies and U.S. national security and pointed out that Hainan Province in China is the biggest source of attacks. The Xinhua report called this conclusion a lie and said it is very hard to trace true internet IP sources. Also, the Xinhua report quoted data from various sources such as some Symantec reports to prove that the U.S. is the largest source of all Internet attacks. It was concluded in the report that this is another example of thr U.S. taking advantage of its Internet monopoly position to interfere with other countries’ internal affairs.

Source: Xinhua, July 14, 2010