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Qiushi: Press Reform to Follow the Socialist Path

In an article in Qiushi magazine on December 1, 2010, Liu Binjie, the Minister of the General Administration of Press and Publications, stated that reform of the press will firmly follow the socialist path and increase the ability of the press to spread Marxism. Liu stated that there were 357,000 press and publication enterprises in China, 90.8% of which were not State-owned.

To speed up development, Liu wrote, “[We] should unswervingly deepen the reform of the institutional mechanisms of Press and Publications.” Specifically, “we should … firmly stay on track in the direction of socialist advanced culture, … to provide the ideological guarantee, motivation, and support of public opinion in order to open minds, achieve reform, scientific development, and social harmony. … [We] should increase our capacity to spread the theoretical achievements of Marxism. … [We] should capture domestic and international markets by using products integrated with advanced content and advanced technology”

Source: Qiushi, December 1, 2010