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Propaganda Department Campaigns against False Reporting

The CCP Secretary of China’s Reporters Association, Zhai Huisheng, recently led the Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda Department in launching a campaign to “eliminate false reporting.”

Zhai said that Beijing’s "most fundamental news media policy is not to allow individuals to run any media." However, with the rapid development of new media, anyone can become a "journalist." He added, "If someone does not have a clear grasp of the big picture and is not politically steadfast," there will be "false reporting." “These false reports” are “expanding to the political, economic, social, cultural, and other fields. They involve major issues that affect people’s livelihoods and macroeconomic policy." They pose a challenge to the "Party and the government’s capacity to govern.” 
Ten teams composed of officials from leading positions in the CCP’s Propaganda Department, International Communication office, People’s Daily, Xinhua, and other agencies are to be sent to 14 provinces to “supervise and inspect” the news media there.
Source: Radio France International, January 27, 2011