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CCTV Rebuts U.S. Criticism with Documentary, The Human Rights Record of ‘Defender of Human Rights'”

China Central Television (CCTV) broadcasted a documentary film on the evening March 13 on its Channel 1 (CCTV-1) program. The title was, “The Human Rights Records of the ‘Defender of Human Rights.’" It claimed that the film presented the real human rights situation in the United States with informative interviews, authoritative data, and interpretations from experts. 

By collecting reports from the mainstream media in the United States and rest of the world, the film enumerated how the U.S. disregards the human rights of its people in all areas of life. For example, in 2015, the United States had more than 56 million homeless people, including 25 percent of the minors in the country. Among the deaths because of injury, of the deaths among adolescents over the age of 15, 1/4 died in shootings. From justice, political rights, labor rights, and basic living guarantees, to the rights of women and children, the so-called "melting pot" of the United States applies a double standard to almost all human rights issues.
The program claimed that the 45-minute-long television documentary used interviews of human rights experts from China, the United States, France, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, and other countries and that it also used an analyses from a plurality of sides and angles of U.S. human rights issues. It evaluated U.S. human rights standards and provided a vivid and close-up window for the public to understand the human rights situation in the United States. 

Source: People’s Daily, March 14, 2016