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China’s Central Propaganda Department Restricts News on Deadly Train Crash

Reuters reported on July 25, 2011, that China’s Central Propaganda Department told media that "the major theme of the Wenzhou bullet train news from now on will be ‘in the face of great tragedy, there is great love.’” Reuters has confirmed the truth of this directive. The Propaganda Department further stressed, “Do not investigate the cause of the accident,” and reminded journalists that “the word from the authorities is all-prevailing.”

On the same day, China Digital Times listed the comprehensive directives that China’s Central Propaganda Department issued, including, “Do not report on a frequent basis; report more touching stories instead, such as blood donations and free taxi services; do not investigate the cause of the accident; do not reflect or comment; do not question; do not elaborate; do not associate. No re-posting on micro-blogs will be allowed!”

Voice of America also reported about China’s Central Propaganda Department’s restrictions on train crash news reports, based on Reuters’ news article.

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