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Xinhua: U.S. Political Spectrum is Quietly Moving to the Right

Xinhua recently published a commentary suggesting U.S. society is developing an anti-establishment trend. The article emphasized that the “big mouth” Trump caught everyone by surprise when he swept the Republican political landscape, and that Hillary Clinton’s “sure thing” no longer seems so sure any more. The “Trump Phenomenon” is effectively turning extreme right-wing opinions in important areas such as gun control, immigration, healthcare, and the economy into the symbol of the “American Spirit.” The article points out that the anti-establishment “movement” started when the TEA Party gained its popularity in 2002. The “mainstream” Republicans lost ground to the TEA Party and that had a significant impact on the Republican’s loss of the 2012 presidential election. In the meantime, the Democratic “establishment” is also facing unexpected challenges, though not as dramatic as the Republicans. The author concluded that the cause of this new political trend is largely rooted in President Obama’s inability to deliver on his campaign promise of “change.” As a result, the American people are quietly turning to the right, which is highlighted by support for someone whose funds are not derived from “Washington.”
Source: Xinhua, March 19, 2016