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Qiushi: Negative Online Behavior Must be Punished

Qiushi published an analysis on the subject of state control and the behavior of Chinese Internet users. “At present, a number of Chinese Internet users play a destructive role. Sometimes, negative, extreme, shallow or one-sided information, along with bad sentiments, spread very rapidly on the Internet, exerting a strong destructive power.” As a result, when a social issue escalates on the Internet, serious conflict quickly develops and people become very emotional, forming an online “tyranny of the masses.” The analysis found that laws and regulations were insufficient, that implementation was ineffective, and that there was a lack of law enforcement on the Internet. The article recommended promulgation and implementation of additional laws and regulations to penalize those users who do not abide by the law. “If the online behavior of some users adversely impacts the lives of others or if they break the law, the user must bear the corresponding social and legal consequences of their behavior.”

Source: Qiushi, February 14, 2012