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Study Times: Strengthening Control over Cyberspace

Study Times, a magazine by the Chinese Communist Party Central Party School, recently published an article on the importance of control over cyberspace. The article started by emphasizing the damage that the WikiLeak incident caused, which demonstrated the significant impact that cyberspace can have on real human society. Then the author quoted the Obama administration’s strategy of saying that cyberspace is a nation’s important asset and key infrastructure. Based on statistics release by CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center), China had 513 million netizens by the end of 2011. This represented a 38.3% Internet coverage of the Chinese population. According to CNCERT (National Computer network Emergency Response technical Team), in the year 2011, there were 47,000 foreign Trojan/Botnet control servers that participated in controlling 8.9 million Chinese hosts. The author suggested that China needs to start building a strong information infrastructure and that the government should lead this effort by establishing an administrative structure with clear responsibilities. The author pointed out that the United States and its partners in the West control all of the core software and hardware technologies. China should focus the use of its resources on changing this critical situation. Domestic talent-building as well as improving information management laws are also important tasks.
Source: Study Times, September 3, 2012