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China Issued 2012 Energy Policy White Paper

On October 24, 2012, China’s State Council Information Office issued the “2012 Energy Policy White Paper.” The White Paper gave an overview of the current status of energy development, the challenges that China faces, and a road-map to develop a new type of energy, while promoting collaboration with other countries.

According to the White Paper, by 2015, China plans to increase non-fossil energy production to 11.4 percent of its total energy consumption. At the same time, it plans to reduce domestic energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 16 percent and 17 percent respectively compared to 2010. It will continue its energy reform by developing new energy and renewable energy sources. It also calls for collaboration from the countries around the world to promote sustainable energy and to protect the world energy market, while also ensuring price stability, safety, and a smooth supply chain system.

Source: Xinhua, October 24, 2012