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Global Times: Should We Thank Bin Su?

According to a March 23 press release that the U.S. Department of Justice issued, Bin Su, a Chinese citizen, "admitted to conspiring with two persons in China from October 2008 until March 2014 to gain unauthorized access to protected computer networks in the United States, including computers belonging to the Boeing Company in Orange County, California. The purpose was to obtain sensitive military information and to export that information illegally from the United States to China." Bin’s cyber thefts of U.S. military secrets included the C-17 Globemaster, and the Lockheed F-35 and F-22 stealth fighters. He was arrested in Canada in July 2014.

Global Times published an article that praised Bin Su.

"As a media in China, we can’t tell if Bin Su really stole data on three major U.S. planes and handed the data over to the Chinese authorities. If that is true, we are willing to express our gratitude to him and even salute him. As a real security fight is going on between China and the U.S., China obviously needs those intelligence experts who can deliver the key information from the U.S. Whether China sent him or it was someone who did it for commercial gain, we think they are great.

"If he was wronged and forced to admit guilt under pressure from the U.S. Justice Department, we express our deep sorrow for him. We believe that, as the ‘intelligence war’ between China and the U.S. continues, more people will be wronged, called ‘Chinese spy,’ and put into prison. We hope all Chinese who work in the sensitive fields in the U.S. are careful, so they avoid having the U.S. intelligence agencies target them."

Source: Global Times, March 24, 2016