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Xinhua Maintains Twitter Account Irking Chinese Netizens

Chinese medai have reported that Xinhua now maintains a Twitter account in English at “@XHNews.” On Twitter, Xinhua has over 5, 000 followers. The first posting dated back to March 1, 2012. The report has received wide attention from bloggers in China. “Many Chinese netizens learned for the first time that the Communist Party’s official media maintains an official blog on the overseas social media, in addition to its official blog on China’s domestic social media. The netizens blogged that they would love to visit the official blog.” The news angered Chinese micro-bloggers as they question why they are not allowed to access Twitter but Xinhua can. 

[Editor’s Note: Twitter and Facebook are not accessible from inside China, as the Chinese authorities block them. Only by using anti-censorship software in violation of the law can people in China “climb over” the Great Wall of Internet censorship to access Twitter and Facebook.]

Source: Nanfang Daily reprinted by, December 11, 2012