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Study Times: Standardize the Management of Internet Users and Guide Public Opinion

On June 10, 2013, Study Times, the publication of the Party School of the Central Committee of the CCP, published an article on Internet control. The article proposed to “standardize the management of Internet pubic opinion,” “cultivate mature Internet users,” and “develop platforms for dialogue between government officials and ordinary people.”

How to Handle Internet Management: 1) Filter out “negative” information. 2) Post the government authority’s information as much as possible and strengthen the journalists’ sense of self-discipline. 3) Train forum moderators, hosts, commentators, and public opinion managers to guide Internet discussions and to spread the government’s authoritative information at the appropriate times. 4) When accidents or tragedies occur, immediately express sympathy for the victims and report the details of the plans to help and the progress of those plans. Avoid using over-stimulating photos and words and get approval from the relevant officials before publishing anything. Train Internet Users: 1) Enhance Internet users’ ability to regulate themselves. 2) Strictly control the messages, enhance the self-regulation of the Internet media industry, and “purify the Internet communication channel." 3) Let Internet users realize that they should not focus on “swearing” at the government or at enterprises. Develop a Dialogue Between Government Officials and Ordinary People: 1) Reach a consensus by dispelling public anger. 2) Control the right to speak and guide public opinion. 3) Government officials should chat with the Internet users and improve their effectiveness in guiding public opinion. 4) Include Internet work in the system for evaluating government officials.

Source: Study Times, June 10, 2013