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Economy and Qiushi: Build a Domestic Internet and Information Security Industry Chain in China

On September 5, 2013, Qiushi Theory, a periodical on political theory that the Chinese Communist Party Central Party School and the CCP Central Committee publish, reprinted an article from the “Economy” periodical that the State Council of the People’s Republic of China publishes titled, “Develop the Domestic Internet and Information Security Industry Chain.” In order to prevent the United States from collecting information circulated on China’s Internet, Li Jingchun, general engineer from the National Research Center for Information Technology Security in Beijing, told the “Economy” reporter how China should develop a domestic Internet and information security industry chain. 
1) Continually invest government funding
2) Have strict uniform standards
3) Discount certification fees for domestic enterprises
4) Train more students to study information security technology
5) Isolate China’s competitors using the power of public opinion. Join some International organizations and form an information security industry alliance with developed countries. 
Source: Economy, August 2, 2013