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People’s Daily: CAS Released New Operating System

People’s Daily recently reported that, on January 15, the Software Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced the availability of the China Operating System (COS). CAS fully owns the intellectual property of the new operating system, which is deigned to “break the monopoly” currently enjoyed by foreign operating systems such as those made by Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Due to the various security issues that open source operating systems have, the COS is designed to be “closed-source” in order to offer better security. The new operating system is aimed at all market segments including personal computers, hand-held devices, set-top boxes, and “smart” appliances. The COS claims to be built from the ground up, without any dependency on any other operating systems. Although hundreds of millions of Chinese end-point machines are currently running “foreign” operating systems, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is determined to face the challenges and join the competition against the international mainstream.
Source: People’s Daily, January 16, 2014