Skip to content Published Research Report on College Students’ Top Employment Choices

Xinhua recently published an article about a report that, the talent search and human resources website, had published titled, “Research Report on College Students’ Top Employment Choices.” The report contained the results of a survey conducted among college students and people who had graduated from college asking about their preferences of employment and pay choices. The results showed that, as of May 2014, 38.9 percent of the seniors graduating from college had not signed an offer yet. The results also showed that, even though 35.9 percent of college students chose State Owned Enterprise as their top employment choice because of the pay benefits and job stability, more of those who had three or more years of work experience expressed a preference for privately owned companies. In the meantime, 18.9 percent of the people who had graduated expressed an interest in owning their own business. That number had gone up from 2.21 percent in 2013.

Source: Xinhua, July 27, 2014