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Global Times: China May Release New Computer Operating System

Global Times recently reported that a Chinese government funded research group is planning an October release of a new version of a domestically developed computer operating system. The new operating system aims to replace imported software made by Microsoft, Google, and Apple. The plan is to run it on desktop computers first and eventually expand its use to smart phones and other mobile devices. According to its road map, the new Chinese operating system is to replace old systems in about two years. Ever since the Snowden Prism incident, the computer security war between China and the U.S. has been intensifying. In May 2013, the Chinese government accused Google of trying to control the Chinese smartphone market via its Android operating system. In May 2014, the Chinese government banned Microsoft Windows 8 from the government procurement list. Currently Microsoft China is under a Chinese antitrust investigation. The Global Times report concluded that the Chinese software industry is facing a golden opportunity to take over the domestic market.
Source: Global Times, August 25, 2014