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CRN: No One Should Use the Internet to Interfere with Other Countries’ Internal Affairs

China Review News (CRN) reported, on March 30, 2015, about high ranking official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who spoke at the 2015 Asian Boao Forum. The official was asked, “How have the Internet’s developments impacted the China-U.S. relationship?” In response, the official advised that all nations should cooperate in the world of the Internet and obey the UN Charter. At the same time, no one should seek to start Internet wars or to interfere with other countries’ internal affairs. He also suggested that the Internet needs a common set of rules that all nations should follow. In 2011, China and Russia submitted a draft for an international proposal; they refined that draft this year. The proposal called for the same sovereignty on the Internet as defined by the United Nations, for people’s basic Internet rights, and for a global framework for Internet governance.
Source: China Review News, March 30, 2015