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Police Close Down Chinese Company’s Booth at CES

Well-known Chinese technology news site Tencent News recently reported that a Chinese company named First International Trade set up a booth at the CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, where it was selling a scooter named Trotter. The Trotter was later identified as a counterfeit which replicated the well-known U.S. product that Future Motion made, called Onewheel. Future Motion founder Kyle Doerksen said the Trotter violated several Future Motion patents. His company then went through the proper legal process to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order to have the police shut down First International Trade’s booth. Future Motion discovered the Trotter last year and contacted First International Trade to request that it discontinue the Trotter. Future Motion received no response. The CES host, the Consumer Technology Association, refused to comment on this incident. It had accepted the fees that First International Trade paid and allowed the booth to be set up despite Future Motion’s before-show complaint.
Source: Tencent News, January 8, 2016