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Chinese Mobile Advertising Vendor Made Widespread Android Malware

Well-known Chinese IT news site ITHome reported on a widespread Android mobile malware called HummingBad. Its findings were based on research results that the leading U.S. information security company Check Point published. The Chinese mobile advertisement delivery vendor Yingmob made the HummingBad malware which has reportedly infected over ten million Android mobile phones. Over 50 Android mobile apps have HummingBad implanted that have delivered 20 million ads daily. This has generated a monthly revenue of US$300,000 for Yingmob. Technical experts have warned that the spread of the malicious HummingBad software could be used to do worse damage by stealing data on the mobile devices. [Editor’s note: According major U.S. technology news provider ZDNet, HummingBad has now infected 85 million Android devices across the globe.]
Source: ITHome, July 5, 2016