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C’ Member: Windows 10 Trusted Computing Is a Serious Threat

Well-known Chinese news site NetEase recently reported that Shen Changxiang, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), mentioned in a conference keynote address that Windows 10’s Trusted Computing technology should be considered a serious threat to China’s network security. Shen, along with a few other CAE members, expressed the belief that Windows 10’s built-in Trusted Computing deployment will completely eliminate the opportunity for China’s Trusted Computing industry to obtain any sizable market. Shen said China must have its own localized Trusted Computing industry which can provide self-sufficient production of digital certification and encryption equipment. Shen revealed that China “resisted” state procurement of Windows 8 and enhanced the national firewall against Windows XP. Now for Windows 10, China is “taking advantage of WTO rules” to utilize China’s domestic laws to constrain or inspect non-domestic products. He also discussed the weakness of China’s Trusted Computing systems.
Source: NetEase, August 5, 2016