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Tibetan Organizations: Beijing May Have Staged Street Riots

According to the website Tibetan Pages, overseas Tibetan organizations warned the international community not to be taken in by March 14 street violence staged by Beijing, citing the lesson they learned from the 1989 Lhasa protest when “Communists sent 300 state agents into Lhasa disguised as residents and monks to cooperate with the plain clothed police from the public security bureau” by burning and ransacking stores. The website was created at the request of the Dalai Lama.

Those who participated in last week’s violence have until midnight March 17 to surrender, said a joint notice issued by the Chinese-controlled Tibetan government police and judicial authorities. The notice was issued a day after the city erupted in riots against China’s control of the Himalayan region, with crowds setting fire to businesses and vehicles.

Source: Tibetan Pages, March 16, 2008
China Tibet Information Center, March 15, 2008