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High Ranking Military Officials Collectively Vow Loyalty to Xi Jinping

On April 18, in a rare move, the PLA Daily dedicated a special page to the publication of a list of articles authored by a group of high ranking military officials. The main theme of the articles was "Conduct of an In-depth Study and Implementation of Chairman Xi’s Important Exposition on National Defense and the Buildup of the Military; Advance the  Great Practice of Building a Stronger Army from a New Starting Point."
The officials included:
Cheng Tongyi, Deputy Political Commissar and Chairman of the Political Department of the Beijing Military Region 
Wang Xixin, Deputy Commander of the Shenyang Military Region
Wang Jun, Deputy Commander of the Jinan Military Region
Miao Hua, Deputy Political Commissar of the Lanzhou Military Region
Zheng Qin, Deputy Commander of the Guangzhou Military Region
Xiong Andong, Commander of the Fujian Provincial Military Region
Ceng Xu, Assistant to the Chairman of the General Political Department
Chen Yong, Assistant to the General Chief of Staff
Lu Fuen, Deputy Commander of the Second Artillery Corps
Zhang Jianping, Deputy Commander of the PLA Air Force
Su Zhiqian, Commander of the East China Sea Fleet of the PLA Navy
Chen Pinghua, Deputy Political Commissar of the Chengdu Military Region
Wu Jieming, Deputy Political Commissar of National Defense University
Lang Youliang, Deputy Political Commissar of the PLA Academy of Military Sciences
Wang Jingzhong, Political Commissar of a base of the General Armament Department
Liu Shengjie, Deputy Political Commissar of the General Logistic Department
Dai Sujun, Deputy Commander of the People’s Armed Police
Source: PLA Daily, April 18, 2014